The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun

As an ethnic Chinese, I absolutely adore testimonies from fellow Chinese, whether or not they are from Chinese nationals or ethnic Chinese like me that are part of the Chinese diaspora. I have just found one of the most amazing testimonies of God from China – Brother Yun. I love knowing that my civilisation is coming to know God and accepting Him. From many of the accounts of my Chinese friends, Jesus has always been a Western figure to them, and this is one of the reasons why many Chinese still reject Jesus. Why should we worship a white guy when we are born with yellow skin and completely different features (they didn’t know Jesus was a Jew, and even if they did, the same argument would be presented but directed towards Jews)? As a Chinese we are so proud of our long history of 5,000 years and our sages. Why do we need someone from another country to tell us what we should do?

With more and more research on the relationship between Chinese history, language and the Bible, coupled with many fervent Chinese brothers and sisters-in-Christ, I believe all Chinese are now beginning to open up to Jesus, and they have stopped seeing Him as some white guy who got hung on a tree (since that’s the symbol that they usually see regarding Jesus), or a strategy to dominate and control China through globalisation and orientalism of religion. Brother Yun is one of those faithful and passionate Chinese servants of God that have shown us what true faith in God is like.

Brother Yun has been persecuted during the Cultural Revolution in China, and he has gone through many more persecutions after that for his faith. But each time that happens, he still managed to live miraculously by the grace of God, and God gave him great missions to do. He has walked out of prisons and interrogation rooms in the midst of onlookers, fasted for 74 days without food and water, healed from crippled legs overnight, experienced supernatural transportation, etc. Currently, he is bringing thousands to Christ, East and West, with his testimony. Read his miraculous story here. Check out his book called The Heavenly Man.

Pray for the Chinese, especially the ones that have not known Him! They certainly are feeling the need for God and are hungering for Him.


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